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    • Bankruptcy ✔️
    • Eviction ✔️
    • Low Score ✔️
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Eviction Removal

Included with Everything Membership

Premium Plan Offers a "Do it Yourself" Removal kit

Basic Membership offers access to listings only

  • What is second chance apartments?
    "SECOND CHANCE" is a term we use to classify rentals that have more flexible credit requirements. Credit scores as low as 520 accepted. You wont be denied for bankruptcies, broken leases or other collections. Must meet minimum requirements.
  • What are the requirements for renting?
    Household Income of 3x Rental Amount ✓ Pass 7 Year Felony Check ✓ (broken leases must be a minimum of 24 months old)
  • What if i have negative rental history that is more recent?
    Signup for our everything membership to remove apartment debts from your credit.
  • What's Included With My Membership?
    Second Chance Apartments Access Eviction Removal Repo Removal Collection Account Removal Plus extra's, see site for details.
  • Locations?
    Atlanta Austin Baltimore Charlotte Chicago Detroit Dallas Fresno Houston Indianapolis Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Macon Memphis Miami Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans Oklahoma Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio Tallahassee (credit services are available nationwide)
  • How Much are Rentals?
    Pricing varies by city and state. We do not keep track of pricing as it changes frequently. You can google "current rental rates in my area".
  • How is move in cost calculated?
    Prorated first month rent + deposit OR bond. If you move into a rental in the middle of month, you only pay for half that month. If you just have a low score, you will usually pay a normal deposit or bond. If you have a broken lease on your credit your DEPOSIT will be HIGHER.
  • Moving From Out Of State?
    If your relocating, the last 2 paystubs from your current employer and a letter of employment from your new employer is needed for approval.
  • I have a broken lease.
    If you broke a lease more than 2 years ago, you can still rent at a location in our catalog. Purchase the 2nd Chance Apartment to access catalog.
  • Section 8 Voucher?
    Our company does not track section 8 rentals. To find out if a location accepts section 8 you will need to contact a specific location directly.
  • Felony? Misdemeanor?
    Felonies must be over 7 years old. Our company does not keep track of background requirements. Each location will have their own guidelines for criminal records. Misdemeanors are usually not checked. (check with property directly)
  • Are Rentals Guaranteed.
    Availability & Pricing Changes Daily! Availability will begin to decrease as the weather gets warmer; May, June and July will see more renters moving during this time. As more people begin moving the number of units available will decrease which may cause delays and waiting list. We cannot guarantee timing and pricing.
  • Refunds?
    As stated during the checkout, all of our services are non refundable. We encourage you to ask questions prior to purchasing to clarify any confusion.
  • What if i have no credit?
    If you don't have any credit; yes you qualify. You will need proof of income & pass background check.
  • Credit Score Requirement
    Minimum 540, if your score is below 540 use everything membership to boost your score an average of 100 points. Changes can take 32 days to reflect.
  • Number of Bedrooms
    Most apartment communities will have 1 - 3 bedrooms available. No Houses are Available Through This Website.
  • Can i use a Prepaid Card?
    If using a prepaid gift card you must first register the card with your name and address. If the card is not registered to you the payment will be blocked.
  • Where is guest password?
    Password for locked pages is inside your receipt.
  • What if my score is under 550?
    If your score is under 550 CLICK HERE to signup for our score boost.
  • Do it Yourself Credit Repair
    Each kit includes various ways to remove negative accounts from your credit report. The secrets credit repair companies use to fix issues with your credit. Your kit can be downloaded instantly after purchase. (Includes credit dispute forms) Review the terms of service & removal disclosure prior to purchasing.

Second Chance Apartments: Find Your New Home Today

Discover Second Chance Apartments, your trusted resource for finding housing solutions regardless of credit history. We specialize in connecting individuals with a second chance to lease after previous financial challenges. Our extensive network includes apartments across the United States, offering flexible leasing options and understanding property managers.

Why Choose Second Chance Apartments?

  • Specialized Services: We cater to individuals with poor credit, evictions, or rental history issues.

  • Wide Selection: Explore a variety of apartments that fit your needs and budget.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team provides personalized assistance throughout the leasing process.

How It Works

  1. Browse Listings: Search through our comprehensive database of available apartments.

  2. Reach out to discuss your specific needs.

  3. Find Your Home: Tour apartments that match your criteria and secure your second chance.

Get Started Today Don't let past challenges hinder your future. Contact Second Chance Apartments to find your ideal living space and embark on a fresh start.

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