Bad credit apartments for individuals with broken leases past eviction and more.

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How to rent an apartment with eviction?

How to rent an apartment with bad credit?

Apartments that accept evictions.

Apartments that accept broken leases.

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Understanding Evictions and Renting.

How can i rent an apartment with eviction on my credit?

If you have an eviction or owe an apartment community, renting your next place will be a challenge.

Here are a few options available if your credit history isn't the best.

1. Renting from a private owner

2. Renting a weekly / monthly motel.  (extended stay america)

3. Use a housing service such as ours.

We provide a list of apartments that wont deny you for having an eviction or past due balance with another community.

There are certain conditions each applicant must meet. 

Your negative rental history will need to be 24 months old to qualify.

For locations in your area click on your city above.

How to rent with an eviction?

Are there any apartments that accept evictions?  provides a list of apartments that accept people with evictions, bad credit and broken leases.

To qualify for leasing you will need to earn at least 3x the monthly rent amount and pass a background check.

​For additional information please review our terms of service.