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Understanding How Eviction Works

When you fall behind on rent your landlord charges a late fee.

Most landlords will give you till the 10th of the month to pay the rent and late fee before filing for an eviction.

After the 10th your landlord will file for an eviction with the local court. Once you receive notice of the filing you will have 7 to 9 days to respond.

Make sure you respond

If you DO NOT respond your landlord will win by default.

When you respond you will receive a court date typically 1 to 2 weeks from the date of your response.

Once your court date has arrived the judge will give you 7 days to move. You can also pay the rent before your court date and your landlord can have the case dismissed.  If you still havent paid the rent be sure to move in 7 days.

After your court date you have 7 days to vacate. After 7 days your landlord can file a writ. Which allows the sheriff to come and put you out. Now it can take a few days before the sheriff to come but it's best to be gone before then unless you want to be humiliated and have your possessions thrown out.

Did you know that filing bankruptcy before your court date will stop an eviction.

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