You Deserve a Second Chance

Second Chance Apartments

Helpful Tips  

-First time renters are always welcome.

-Even if you had a good reason for breaking the lease or not paying rent; It must be 24 months or older.

-Bankruptcy cases must be dismissed, discharged or closed.​

-Section 8 - We don't specialize in section 8 housing. (Some communities may accept section 8.)

-Move in cost is determined by the date you move in. First month is either free or prorated, plus deposit.

(Check with Community)​​

There are between 7 and 30 locations per city.


You’re probably having trouble renting.  Many individuals have trouble renting due to bad credit, evictions and bankruptcies.  “Second Chance” is a term our company uses to classify apartments that won’t deny someone just for having bad credit.  Keep in mind “Second Chance” is NOT a program. This is not a special leasing program. All we do is locate communities with flexible credit criteria. The rental process is the same with every apartment.  

The communities on our list will still verify your employment, income and background.  You must meet the minimum requirements for approval. The minimum requirements include a household income of 3 times the rental.  This means that everyone who is on the lease must have a combined income of 3 times the rent. For example, a rental that cost $500 per month would require one applicant to have an income of $1500 per month. If two people will be on the lease, their combined income must be $1500 or $750 each.  

You cannot have any OPEN bankruptcies. 
All NEGATIVE rental history must be a minimum of 24 months old. 

Why is there a fee? 
Our fee enables us to provide you with this service.  Keep in mind that using our website and service is optional. 

You can find private rentals on your own at no cost.