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Second Chance Apartments

Get a List of Second Chance Apartments Today!

​When will I get access to the list of second chance apartments?                                  

Instantly. Access code is sent via email and text message.

What's Included with this service?

1 .  A list of second chance apartments in your area.

2. Free Credit Report & Score (OPTIONAL)

Negative rental history with a prior landlord must be 24 months old.

Is this a recurring fee?


I cosigned for someone's apartment and now it's on my credit, can i still get a place?

When you cosign on ANYTHING - You agree to be held responsible! So yes you are liable even if you never lived there.

Debt must be 24 months old.

How is monthly income determined?

The income from everyone on the lease is added together for income qualifications.

All incomes combined must equal at least 3x the rental amount.

Are broken leases accepted?
Yes. Broken leases must be 24 months or older.

Are evictions accepted?

Yes, must be 24 months old.

Are bankruptcies ok?

Yes, case must be discharged or dismissed.

How much are the apartments?

We provide listings throughout the United States so pricing will vary drastically.

We encourage all users to research the area they'd like to live.

We all know that places like New York and Los Angeles have much higher rental rates.

Do your own research to determine the going rate for housing in your desired location. 

We cannot control pricing and communities can change their pricing anytime without notice.

Pricing reflects location.

I'm self employed, is that ok?

Yes - Income must be verifiable.

How many locations are there?                                                                                                        
10 to 30 locations per city (Metropolitan area)  

Is the fee refundable? 

No.  Please contact us prior to purchasing list if you don't understand the terms.

Are the locations nice?
We offer a variety options, price reflects location.

How much is my deposit?
Deposits range from $100 up to a full months rent based on credit.
The apartment community will determine your deposit. We do not control your deposit amount.

What if I have more than 1 past eviction or apartment debt?
Program allows for 1 negative rental in the last 24 months.

Maximum of 2 negative rentals for the Atlanta GA area.

Approval will be at the discretion of the individual property manager if you have more than one eviction on your record.
It's important to know where your credit stands. A free report & score is included with purchase.

Will there be more second chance communities?
Yes, we add additional communities as they apply with us. Updates are done on Wednesdays.

How do I know what's available?
Contact the community of your choice directly for current availability
Links to external sites may not show current availability. It's always best to call.

How soon can I move in?
Most communities have units available within 2 days. Contact community directly for availability & move in times. Subject to approval.

I receive social security, is that OK?
Yes. Any form of (verifiable income) is accepted.
Must be verifiable

What type of background information would disqualify me?
Since each community is different we can't give a definite answer.
If your concerned about your criminal background check it's always best to be upfront about a criminal record. Use your own judgement if the crime happened 10 years ago it will most likely not affect your ability to rent. Some searches only go back 7 years but remember each community is different. If your a registered sex offender it's best to use a locating service that specializes in that field. Also try privately owned properties or subleasing.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us via phone, email or online chat.

New security features in place:

​Payment address, zip code and cvc code must match or payment will be blocked.

Bad credit apartments for individuals with broken leases past eviction and more.