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​Second chance leasing   is here to provide housing to individuals despite a negative rental history. Prospective landlords check with previous landlords to determine the type of tenant you are, and they’re hesitant to rent to anyone with past rental problems. They view it as a risk, and that you won’t pay your rent to them, even if your financial situation has changed. Some landlords that offer second chance leasing, however, are willing to take that risk, but it will cost you a higher deposit.

Reasons people need a second chance apartment.
You have failed to pay rent on time, consistently
You broke a lease
You owe a balance to former landlord
You moved without giving proper notice
You’ve been evicted
You've filed bankruptcy
You have a foreclosure
You have a low credit score

Second Chance Apartments Requirements
Any negative rental history will need to be 24 months or older. If it is more recent you wont qualify. Bankruptcy cases will need to be closed, either discharged or dismissed. Your case cannot be open. You will also need a minimum income of 3x the monthly rent. For example if your looking to rent a place for $500 per month you will need to earn $1500 (GROSS) before tax deductions. A background check is also required. For details on criminal checks you will need to contact the community to see what they look for. Sex offenders will be denied.

Benefits to Second Chance Tenants
The immediate benefit to you is that you have shelter. It’s tough trying to find housing with a negative rental history, and second chance leasing will give you a place to live. For this reason, it’s worth it even if you have to pay a higher security deposit and pay for monies owed to previous landlords and creditors. You also have the opportunity to establish yourself as a good tenant for future rentals. For example, if you stay with the second chance leasing for 2 years, pay your rent early or on time, keep your home free of damages and maintain a good relationship with your landlord, you will have more success at getting your rental application approved at your next home.

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